Koei Tecmo has taken to showing off exclusive content bonuses, the cast of returning characters, and a ton of new media for their upcoming release of Atelier Shallie Plus.

Atelier Shallie Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea is set to release mid-January in the West, and Koei Tecmo’s US branch has revealed that for the first month North American buyers will receive a bonus. Purchasing the title early (either the physical LE or digital version) will apparently nab you some choice tracks from across the Atelier franchises, along with five bonus costumes. These costume bonuses include the Administrator Suit, Cosmo Fighter Costume, Hero Girl Costume, Plachta Style Costume, and Sophie Style Costume.

Now that we’ve got the bonuses out of the way, there’s also the matter of introducing returning characters. Some of the familiar faces you’ll see with a significant role in Atelier Shallie Plus include Escha Malier – the eccentric alchmist specializing in the old-style, Logix Ficusario – a down to earth alchemist who works as a government official, and Ayesha Altugle – an alchemist renouned for her remedies and medicines. These three will be able to join your party, and you’ll be able to experience new ecent scenarios with them that weren’t present in the original game.

Lastly, there’s the brand new trailer showing off the new event scenarios;

…and some newly released screenshots and art;

Atelier Shallie Plus: Alchemist of the Dusk Sea is due out January 17th, 2017 in North America and January 20th, 2017 in Europe.

Are you ready for another adventure?