NIS America has given some details on six partner characters in Touhou Genso Wanderer. Players can choose between these partner character, and each of them has special abilities to suit one’s own play style.

Here are the details:

Satori Komeiji


Older sister of Koishi, Komeiji has a quiet and flexible mind, and is also the owner of the Palace of the Earth Spirits. She can read hearts and minds with her third eye, and a lot of yokai dislike her because of this power. Komeiji knows this, so she spends most of her days in the palace with her animal friends.

Kokoro Hata


She is a menreiki type of tsukumogami, the masks of Kawakatsu Hata, and the father of Sarugaku theater come to life. Masks portraying different expressions float around her, and her emotions change with the mask she wears at the time. When she lost one of her masks, she loses emotional balance and becomes out of control. Miko prepared a new one when Hata lost her Mask of Hope, but she didn’t want it.

Futo Mononobe


During the Asuka era, she was a daughter from the Mononobe clan. It’s unknown whether or not she fully became a shikaisen. She is a pretty straightforward person, but still capable of overthinking things, plus a hard worker that wants to become a first-class sage. Mononobe is also gets into pointless arguments very often and is quite aggressive with yokai.

Kasen Ibaraki


Lives in a mansion on Yokai Mountain. She lost her right arm, so it was replaced with bandages wrapped around a smoke-like substance in the shape of an arm. Ibaraki tends to lecture others, and once made Reimu go through traumatizing difficult training. Her abilities include guiding animals, and controlling raijus, great eagles, tigers, and dragons.



A moon rabbit living in the Lunar Capital. This coward loves rumors and sometimes regrets how conceited she is. She ran away to Earth when she was tired of making mochi, eventually getting caught and made the pet of Toyohime Watatsuki as punishment.

Utsuho Reiuji


The pet of Satori Komeiji, owner of the Palace of the Earth Spirits. Very hasty and poor when it comes to memory, Reiuji is good friends with Rin Kaenbyo and an admirer of Satori. Originally a hell raven, Reiuji gained the powers of Yatagarasu and received the ability to control nuclear fusion. She manages both the flames of the Hell of Blazing Fire and the Underground Geyser Center Nuclear Furnace.

Touhou Genso Wanderer is scheduled to release for PS Vita and PS4 in North America on February 7th, and February 10th in Europe.

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