My Name is Mayo is many things. It’s goofy and weird, it’s short and mind-numbingly simple, it’s a trophy hunter’s dream, and it’s so cheap that it’d be hard for anybody not to want to give it a try.

The game wastes no time getting right into the action. It presents you with a mayo jar and you have to tap it until it opens after 10,000 taps. You do so by positioning a hand-shaped cursor over the jar and pressing X. If I only have one complaint for the game, it’s that you cannot tap the jar of mayo by, you know, actually tapping the Vita’s touch screen. It seems like it should be an incredibly simple and sensible feature to implement.

As you tap the jar, not only does the lid actually ever-so-slowly begin to rise but you also unlock achievements. An absolute deluge of achievements. And each of these corresponds to a PSN trophy. All told, there are 51 trophies in the game, including the Platinum and these will be earned rapidly over the course of the breezy 1-hour game.

With each achievement, you earn something in-game as well. By opening the achievements menu you can “equip” them and this is how you proceed down he story paths. One path is filled with fun facts, one with life advice, and a third with equippable wild costumes for your jar of mayo that range from various sets of underwear, to wigs, to swirls of poo raining down from the sky. Some achievements are granted by simply tapping the mayo jar a set amount of times, but the story achievements have to be done in progression. To unlock the next costume you have to tap the mayo a specified number of times while wearing an already-unlocked costume, or to get the next bit of advice you have to tap the mayo while equipped with the previous one. Going into the achievements menu to briefly check what achievements you need to work toward and changing which of them is currently equipped is the only thing to do aside from tapping the jar of mayo.


The core of the game lies in its humor. It’s definitely pretty wild at times and I found myself laughing at the absurdity of a couple of the costumes. Plus the very premise of the game is odd.┬áIn comparison with other games in the clicker genre it’s definitely far shorter and more simple, but it also isn’t trying to be anything other than a joke experience and an easy 100% completion so I don’t know if I can fault it for that. The only music in the game is the glassy tapping of your cursor and a stereotypical supermarket background track that is optional to turn off.


Should you wish to continue tapping the jar of mayo beyond the required 10,000 taps for the Platinum trophy, there is an online leaderboard. At the time of my writing this review the top scorer has over 40,000 taps so I suppose if you want to see your name at the top of a list it’s definitely something attainable.


My Name is Mayo is a game that will not overstay its welcome or rot in your backlog. You’re not going to buy this game for the gameplay. You’re doing it for a chuckle and a quick platinum (or two since it’s cross-buy with PS4) and for that it serves its purpose. Don’t overthink it.

Lasting Appeal
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  • WillMerfi

    If trophies are your thing and you would pay a buck to have two platinum trophies for two hours of work, this is your game.

  • MrBBB

    This is junk and should be 1 star. It is not a game. It is shovelware that in my opinion should not even be on PSN and opens the doors for more garbage to come in.