5pb has announced that two new DLC packs will be headed to the Vita version of Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds – the first adding a new character, and the second swapping out the background music.

According to a brand new post on 5pb’s website, it looks like Robotics;Notes character Frau Koujiro and a swap out of the background music’s sourcing method are on the way to Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds! The two pieces of DLC are set to be priced at 600 yen (~$5.50US) and 300 yen (~$2.75US) when they release in Japan on November 18th.

A worldwide release was confirmed for the DLC, but being that the prices listed were Japanese we’re unsure if the date applies to the rest of the world or just Japan. Either way, it’s headed our way soon… so keep an eye out!

  • xxAcesHighxx

    I remember wanting to pick up the Makise Kurisu DLC, but at £6.49 it’s so expensive. Ouch!