NIS America has announced that they’ll be bringing ClaDun Sengoku to the West, giving it a snazzy new name and a release window to boot.

In NIS America’s round of announcements this week, the first that made it into the light of day was ClaDun Returns: This is Sengoku! – a localization of Nippon Ichi’s ClaDun Sengoku for Western audiences. It’ll be headed our way digitally next Spring, offering you some of that classic dungeon gameplay you desire in a nice Sengoku era package.

As for the setup for the game, it seems you’ll awaken in the mysterious land of Arcan Cella – a land where the souls of the dead gather to await reincarnation into the land of the living. As the player, you’ll have to assist these souls by going to locations in the game inspired by real-world feudal Japan; taking on dungeons, monsters, and traps along the way.


According to information we received about the Japanese version of the game, the title’s seven character classes include aristocrat, corrupt priest, merchant, onmyoji, samurai, sorcerer, and swordsman. As for weapons, the options of bows, blunt weapons, kusarigama sickles with chains attached, short swords, shurikens (ninja stars), spears, staves, and swords have been noted as available – giving you plenty of ways to take on the enemy.

Featuring multiplayer elements such as co-op or versus gameplay, alongside speed-run leaded boards, this title is certain to bring together both the old and the new in a way that will please both sides of that coin… don’t you think?

Check out the debut Western trailer and some images for the title below;

ClaDun Returns: This is Sengoku! is due out in North America and Europe in the Spring of 2017.

Are you looking to return to the dungeons?