Acquire have recently release fresh details surrounding the second scenario for upcoming RPG Akiba’s Beat.

This case follows the mystery of a repeating Sunday in Akihabara (think Groundhog Day). Assuming the phenomenon to be caused by delusions the group set out to get to the bottom of the mystery. During their investigation they find the “Idol Event” for Riyu Momose.


As you progress through the case you’ll find others unaffected by the repeating day and eventually through altering certain events each loop you can change the course of the day.

You can read the full write up for the case below.

A number of strange objects suddenly appeared as to cover Akihabara Station. The man’s delusion of Akihabara audio city was a scene of eroded reality. Not yet fully caught up on understanding and still being led by Saki and Pinkun, Asahi clears the delusion-produced labyrinth known as the “Delusionscape.” However, upon exiting the labyrinth, what is waiting for him is the same Sunday seemingly repeating for eternity, a situation completely out of the ordinary—.

Asahi tries to avoid reality thinking it must have been a dream, but in Akihabara the same Sunday has systematically repeated many times. Meanwhile, Saki, who thinks this phenomenon must be caused by the delusions, decides to destroy all of Akihabara’s delusions together with Asahi, who is also unaffected by the repetition.

Asahi and company start to look for abnormal events in Akihabara at once, and thus locate an “Idol Event” that hasn’t existed before is being held. It was a fan event for the up-and-coming idol, Riyu Momose. While running into many of her fans, Asahi and company meat Taro Mekane, who is cheering on Riyu more than any other fan. However, the next day when they returned to check on the state of the event, unlike the previous day, Taro was disturbed by something.

Asahi and company, upon noticing Taro also isn’t affected by the repeating day, wonder if this event is Taro’s delusion and their uncertainty deepens. Then, starting with Asahi and company, depending on the actions of the people unaffected by the repeating day, little by little the daily distortion gets bigger, and finally even the event is suspended causing a large riot to break out among the fans—. Was this event really born from delusion after all…?

It certainly sounds like an intriguing concept and it’ll be interesting to see it all in action. What do you think? Does the case scenario get you interested? Let us know in the comments below.

Akiba’s Beat is set to release on PS4 on 15th December with a PS Vita release date yet to be announced. The game is due out in the west for both platforms some time in 2017.