Macross Delta Scramble is going to have elements from the second half of the anime series added as free downloadable content. The DLC will be released on November 30th in Japan. A not-free add-on pack will also be made available on the same day.

Macross Delta Scramble Add-On Pack (Free)


Follows the battle until the final episode of the Macross Delta anime from both the Chaos and Windermere Side. With each mission comes new Walkure cut-ins and mecha from the second half of the anime.

Macross Delta Scramble Extra Add-On Pack (1,000 yen)


Comes with series-related extra missions, new guest mecha, songstresses, pilots, and nine Macross songs. Every add-on mission has a high degree of difficulty.

Here’s some more screens:

Macross Delta Scramble is already out in Japan, still no word out on any Western release.