Sega has released a couple of new trailers, as well as the game’s Japanese box art. The first trailer focuses on the prologue of the game and the second highlights the bonus “Report: Vanargand Formation” DLC included with first-print copies.

First-print copies of Valkyria: Azure Revolution will include:

  • “Report: Vanargand Formation” Additional Story DLC – A fully-voiced story set the day before the game’s main story.
  • Equipment: “Ragnite Time Flex”
  • Exchangeable Items: “30 Ragnite Fragments”

Here’s the box art for both Vita and PS4:

Prologue Trailer:

DLC Trailer:

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is scheduled for release on PS Vita and PS4 in Japan on January 19th, 2017.

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  • Daniel Dominguez

    this game looks amazing, although the real time looks a little to much of a mess, hope its not made to easy in order to compensate all the movement in the screen

  • Ky

    Hope they keep this box art for the North American release. Simple but pleasing design. Blue box arts always look great with the PS4’s blue game cases, too.