We now have new details for some of the characters featuring in upcoming RPG Dungeon Travelers 2-2: The Maiden Who Fell into Darkness and the Book of Beginnings.

The official website for the game recently launched and alongside character details we also get a good look at the story of the game.

First things first we’ll take a look at the story. Following on from the battle at the end of the last entry apparently you lost and the world has fallen into despair. You can check out the story description for yourself below.

There once was an era in which the earth was inhabited by gods, humans, and an evil deity from the underworld known as the Demon God. At the end of the long battle, monster suppression was achieved by means of the Sealbook invented by the first royal alchemist Siegdrad, and even the Demon God was buried to the underworld. Vitoria, the First Queen of the Kingdom of Romulea, achieved continental unification through the hard work of mankind, and the world was restored by the hands of humanity. 500 years later—.

The stage is the Royal Library of the Kingdom of Romulea. The Demon God said to have been buried in the underworld… was alive! The Demon God sealed in this world was in an imperfect state and revived. Led by Fried Einhard, one of the superior Libras, the Royal Library of the Kingdom of Romulea battle party was formed, and set out for what would this time be a perfect seal of the Demon God.

In the depths of the Royal Library of the Kingdom of Romulea—. The gate to the underworld opened, and after clearing through its mysterious dungeons of the underworld, the last battle between Fried and the Demon God finally began. However!! Fried and company fell before the formidable Demon God—. And so, “The Kingdom of Romulea… fell into darkness.”

Next we have the cast of the game.

Fried Einhard
A young member of the Royal Library, after his defeat to the Demon God he has lost all his memories. He is considered rowdy and acts purely on instinct and attachment to the remaining monsters to the world.

A magician that lives in the “House of Time”, a clock tower overlooking a remote lake. Though small in stature she is calm and incredibly intelligent with an encyclopedic knowledge.In order to restore Romulea she seeks the library for the Monster Seal which is where she finds Fried.

Souffle Twinny
A renown treasure hunter and former peddler. She is an enshrined deity that protects Therian village. Under the influence of the Demon God she turns into an evil god but is thankfully suppressed by Fried and his party. After this she takes on the subjugation of the Demon God but unfortunately fails and goes missing.

Yae Houzouji
From a distinguished family of the Lachann Empire she is broad minded and loves hot springs and alcohol. In the aftermath of monster damage she joins with Fried to help achieve peace but after losing to the Demon God she goes missing.

Yuni Korgtech
A troubadour girl who works at the town pub, she is close friends with Mefmera and often played with her in the forest. Fried saves Mefmera and invites Yuni to join the fight against the Demon God. After losing the fight against the Demon God though she goes missing.

Alisia Heart
A girl who managed to graduate from the Royal Military Academy’s Knight course. She is a friend of Fried and Melvy from her former student days and still works with them as a member of the Royal Order Guards. She makes it her goal to protect everyone and become a first-class knight but after the defeat to the Demon God she goes missing.

Conette St. Honore
She was once a highly capable maid in the Royal Maid Squadron. Fried catches her attempting to escape from the head maid, he offers her all the sweets she can eat in return for her joining the subjugation party. Unfortunately after the subjugation party’s loss to the Demon God she goes missing.

Fiora Marsh
A sister that runs the Marsh Church which also serves as an orphanage, she goes in search of a child that had fled the home and is captured by monsters. She joins the party after Fried saved her from the monsters and she felt helpless. After taking on the Demon King and losing however she disappears and goes missing.

That’s all for the cast so far, a lot of people seem to be going missing like it’s some big game of hide and seek. Though hopefully the party gets back together at some point later in the game.

Last but not least we can recap on the various special editions of the game available to buy. The standard edition of the game will rather predictably just include the game, 5,800 yen for the physical release and 4,761 yen for the digital version.

The Premium Edition will cost 8,800 yen and include a copy of the game, special packaging, creation materials, an original drama CD, 2 clear charms, a chiptune arrange CD and finally a “Super Nice Cap” item download code.

So there you have the cast of the game and some set-up for the story. What do you think? Is the story interesting enough? Any favourites from the cast thus far? Let us know in the comments below.

Dungeon Travelers 2-2: The Maiden Who Fell into Darkness and the Book of Beginnings is set to release on PS Vita in Japan on 20th April. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more information as we get it.

  • Zero Eternity

    I hate what they did to Fried but love what they did to the others. Alisia, Yae, and Souffle look badass, while Fiora turned into the opposite of herself previously.

  • Kaboom

    I’m hoping with all my Vita that this game comes West.