Koei Tecmo has revealed a host of new details and media for Nights of Azure 2, including (unfortunately) a release delay.

Koei Tecmo and Gust have been hard at work with Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, and they have revealed new information about characters, Lily abilities, Alushe, the premium box, pre-order bonuses, and even a delay in release. Are you sure you can handle all this information? Read on if so!

First up we have the introduction of new characters and some complimentary screens, so let’s get to know….

Arnice (cv; MAO)

A half demon who once took power as the Nightlord and took a stance for the sake of the people, she appears before Alushe wielding the overwhelming power of her former position. In the screenshot we see Arnice as she takes up a great sword, dressed in garb that appears to be dyed blue in the blood of fallen demons.

Christophorus (cv; Tomoyo Kurosawa)

A high level pure-blood demon, Christophorus takes interest in Alushe and seems to appear whenever a reason presents itself. Her true motivations are unknown, however she seems to be looking for something. In the screenshot we see Alushe and Christophorus conversing after the latter has popped in.


An adult-looking doll with childish habits, Alice is an arrogant one – bossing around the subordinate rabbit dolls that she summons with her trumpet. She uses the rabbit dolls to attack, but can also change into a mirror shield which reflects even the most powerful magic spells.


A fairy-type Servan with a calm demeanor, Feuille loves to sleep. She will give it her all to help Alushe stomp any situation quickly just to get back to sleeping, and uses flower petals – a natural offshoot of her body – to attack.


A faithful Servan, Kaede is followed by familiars and uses them to attack from a distance. She’s a powerful member of your team with regards to support, and she’s able to stop enemy movement through the use of black magic.


Muveil Follin Roux

She’s strict when it comes to discipline and rank, but is admired by those under her for her strength and kindness. Alushe once admired her as well, looking up to the holy knight as she would an older sister – but that all changed after she fell to the enemy during a certain incident.

Now, Muveil uses her past relationship with Alushe to try and lure her to the demon side. She has tossed away her life as a holy knight, and now looks to become formidable as a demon – using a blood sword like Alushe, and acting with relentless brutality. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

Wow, that’s a lot of new character information isn’t it? That’s not all we’ve learned however, as we’ve also got a ton of information on Lily character abilities.

For example, when Alushe is in a pinch she can trigger her Lily’s special skill. Liliana’s special skill is called Ceiling’s Petition and can revive Alushe when she falls in battle (just once), stopping time around her.

In areas where it’s difficult to move around, Alushe can perform special actions such as carries. Below, we see Alushe carrying Liliana (her Lily) across a water field.


Lily Bursts are special attacks that are initiated through team work. Camilla’s Lily Burst has her team up with Alushe to shoot at the enemy, dealing a lot of damage in a narrow range.


In opposition to that, Liliana’s Lily Burst calls down a pillar of cleansing light with prayer – wiping out the demons around them thanks to Alushe’s direction.


Speaking of Lily characters and their abilities, it appears that exclusive quests will be available once the closeness level between partners reaches a certain amount. Clearing these quests will level up your character, and just like when Alushe levels up they’ll gain stat boosts and learn new abilities.


Alushe’s development is important too, though she uses demon blood to add experience. Ability Points are also gathered through battle, and can be used to acquire new abilities in the ability tree.

Speaking of Alushe, what’s her relation to Camilla? Camilla resurrection Alushe as a half-demon, and it’s unclear whether the interest in Alushe is due to her being a study subject…or something else.


Then, we’ve got a look at the title’s premium box illustration and the Atelier-sourced Puni monster first print bonus Servan, which are pictured below in respective order.

Plus, we get a look at the game in the two video clips below – the first (running 23:33 to 28:28) is dubbed Forbidden Lily and shows off Lily characters, and the second (running 30:43 to 44:41) showing gameplay.

…and finally, we’ve got the twinge of bad news; Koei Tecmo has delayed Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon from December 22nd to February 2017 in Japan, taking the additional time to improve the game’s quality. They understand that the delay’s a blow to their audience however, and have added a new Lily (pulled from the NPC characters) and the ability to keep and use swimsuits from bathing suit scenes as a costume as an apology.

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon is now due out sometime next February.

Where’s your interest level at now?

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