A representative from Excalibur Games has announced a release date for the equally creative and destructive Space Overlords.

A game which puts you in the shoes of both a giver and a taker, Space Overlords has you create a galaxy full of uniquely decorated planets and then destroy it – sharing your creations with others for them to demolish as well. The PlayStation Blog post describes it as sort of like LittleBigPlanet in a way, which seems apt aside from the whole “break it when you’re done” aspect.

Creation and destruction aren’t the only things the game has to offer though, as there’s a story to be had in Space Overlords as well – one of vengeance, which spans multiple galaxies. We’re not sure exactly what it’ll entail, but they promise that it’s big so you might want to find out for yourself. 😉

So when exactly are we getting it?

According to James Clements – Excalibur’s Press and Community rep – it looks like it’ll be landing on the PlayStation Network December 6th world-wide.

Who’s up for a little creation and destruction these days?