Koei Tecmo has released a ton of new information and media for Musou Stars, their upcoming in-house cross-over title.

Thanks to the latest from Koei Tecmo and Famitsu, we now have a ton of new information about Musou Stars‘ characters, battle system, world map, sanctuary, and more – topped off by a Japanese release date and release details. With all that content, I guess we better get right to it – huh? 😛

First up are some details and screenshots for the title’s characters, focusing on Mitsunari Ishida of Samurai Warriors fame, Wang Yuanji of Dynasty Warriors fame, Horo of Toukiden fame, Tamaki, Shiki, and Setsuna.

Mitsunari Ishida is a logical and highly resourceful man with a high opinion of himself, his rational and idealistic ways causing people to think of him as arrogant or awkward. Those who can look past the stigma however, see the passionate side to him and become friends – those who don’t become his enemy.

Wang Yuanji is the daughter of Wei minister Wang Su, but doesn’t use her position to put herself above anyone else – often coming across extremely polite and kind to those “below” her in status. That said, she often speaks her mind when among family, and she’s adept at showing off the intelligence and courage she’s been cultivating since she was a kid.

Horo is an amnesiac with a background shrouded in mystery. One day she suddenly appeared in Utakata Village, and has been fighting alongside the Slayers who live there ever since – taking on all forms of evil with her long rifle. She may lack in common sense, but she makes up for it with skill… though her bizarre behavior triggers a bunch of problems in the village and in her life.

Tamaki is a girl raised with care in a royal palace, and prophesized to become the next ruler of the land. A calm and polite young lady, she’s worried about the collapsing world – and as such she uses the last of a magical fountain’s remaining power to summon heroes from another world.

Shiki is the son of the former king, and Tamaki’s older brother. His outward appearance is one of a proper young noble, but his inward self is shrouded in secrecy, and he hinders the actions of Tamaki and Setsuna every chance he gets.

Setsuna is the son of the late former king, and Tamaki and Shiki’s cousin. Easily worked into a frenzy, and with none of the qualities of a nobleman, he’s been raised alongside his cousins; unable to seceed the throne. Now, with the world in crisis, he stands before Tamaki as the true heir….

Moving from the characters to the battle system, we’ve also garnered details on Musou Fever, Hero Skills, and Friendship Levels.

Musou Fever is a special cooperative action where your part members appear one at a time to support you and boost your abilities, issuing a support attack on the enemy while they’re at it. Once Musou Fever comes to a close however, the party members will unite for one last sweeping attack that takes out a swath of surrounding enemies. It’s a special move that’s said to evoke an ultimate type feeling as you push towards your limit as a group.

As for Hero Skills, they’re a set of three abilities that each character has access to. Each character’s hero skills draw from their abilities and attributes, offering support qualities that enhance your already present skills. The thing is, enemies can also use Hero Skills – so learning to use yours is important.

Lastly, the battle system employs a Friendship Level system. This system assigns each character a “closeness” attribute, which will make support attacks an triggered events more likely as it increases.

Next up, we’ve got details on the Musou Stars World Map, which is where various battles and events are noted. The player is noted as a round icon, and is allowed to freely move around the map – selecting battles and events that appear. In this way, the adventure is your own to plot out for the most part, with the story only advancing when you clear key battles.

In addition to key battles however, there are also Hero Battles (will net you more allies), Dramatic Battles (against many heroes), and Field Battles (where you’ll be able to fight freely).

And then there’s the Sanctuary, which is the home base for your characters. There is only one Sanctuary on the map, and it’s considered to be a holy place – housing a mysterious fountain that blesses the earth and those who reside on it. In addition to containing the fountain however, the Sanctuary is also home to a refinery, training grounds, a bar, and an inn; a group of places in which you can grow your character or interact with other characters to build your relationships.

Alright, so that’s the bulk of the details but we’ve still got some media (and a highly anticipated tidbit) to share! Below are some additional character renders, followed by the title’s first proper trailer, and finally the freshly acquired release information.

Musou Stars will launch in Japan on March 2nd, 2017, with the standard version of the game priced at 7,344 yen. A “Treasure Box” limited edition will also be available for the title, packing in a soundtrack CD, a visual book, a school calendar, and a steam cloth poster for 12,744 yen.

Are you picking this one up, or do these stars simply not shine brightly enough?