PlayStation Experience’s final new PlayStation Vita reveal was Windjammers, a flying disc game with a skill-based twist.

Originally released on the Neo Geo in 1994, Windjammers is now headed to PlayStation Vita according to an announcement at PlayStation Experience 2016. Gio Corsi (the current Vita champion) revealed the title during his time on stage, and DotEmu provided the hype trailer for the show.

Those unfamiliar will note that the game plays sort of like a twisted version of Pong, only instead of batting the ball back you’ve got a variety of unique throws at your disposal. Check it out in that hype trailer we mentioned previously, available for your perusal below.

Windjammers is headed our way “soon” – and unfortunately that’s all we know (for now)!

  • Lester Paredes

    Holy crap! Windjammers is hype like I don’t know what! Awesome! I’m old enough to remember this from an actual arcade! Just saw Maximillion and friends on Yo! Videogames YouTube chanel play it emulated on Xbox. Yes! I’m really excited for this one!

    • Alondate31

      I am not old enough to play this but I really like oldschool games. It looks good so far. So count me in 🙂