Spencer Yip, the Director at YummyYummyTummy has taken to the PlayStation Blog this weekend to talk about their upcoming action RPG Fallen Legion; revealing more about the PlayStation Vita version of the title. It appears that not only are we getting Fallen Legion on Vita, we’ll also be getting a unique version of it… just for us.

Fallen Legion on PlayStation Vita will feature a unique adventure with an entirely different story – and even a different main character. Spencer weighs in on the differences and more below.

On PlayStation 4, you guide Princess Cecille, who has reluctantly become the emperor of a dying kingdom. While Cecille is on a quest to restore glory to the crumbling Empire of Fenumia, the Legate is planning a coup d’état to claim the throne. PS Vita players will see the events in Fallen Legion from the perspective of the Legate, a charming and cunning tactician, as he battles to oust the monarchy and roots out traitors among his army. You’ll face different ferocious bosses on Vita including the bloodthirsty Werewolf. Both twisted stories are the brainchild of Ben Bateman, localization editor on Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.

Between crushing enemy armies you make decisions that determine the fate of Fenumia. Sending troops to defend a village from a barbarian onslaught may give you an attack boost, but choosing to snub their request could grant you double HP for an entire level. Think fast because your choices permanently impact the world and you only have 10 seconds to decide!

Also, when we say “defend a village” — we mean it. Choosing defend brings players straight to the front lines and you have one chance to defeat the barbarian invaders. Win and the town is saved, but if you lose the barbarians take over. Forever. Instead of rushing to battle you could handle the situation tactfully by cutting a shady deal to give the town to the barbarians in exchange for an item. This is just one of the many choices you will make as an emperor in Fallen Legion.

Have we caught your attention yet? Let’s lock it in with the title’s PlayStation Experience trailer;

So you’re interested in Fallen Legion now, aren’t you?

Well here’s a dash more hype-inducing news for all the physical lovers and collectors out there; Fallen Legion will not only be releasing digitally, but also in limited physical edition via Limited Run Games! The number of copies in the print as well as the order date are still up in the air due to the lack of a finished game, but I’m sure if you let either YummyYummyTummy or Limited Run Games know you want it they’ll try and be inclusive. 😉

Fallen Legion is set to launch sometime in the first half of 2017, so keep an eye out for updates!

PS; Fallen Legion is available for play on the PlayStation Experience show floor, so it’s possible we’ll hear more (or see some more video) before the weekend’s out.

  • Fara

    Looks sweet

  • Lester Paredes

    So, will the Vita version have a different story than the PS4 version? Will there be an actual reason and possible benefit to double dipping on a game? And will I have to fight tooth and nail over the internet in order to secure a physical copy at Limited Run Games? Well, I guess I’d better keep checking their site to stay up to date with their releases… I already have alarms set up for Stranger’s Wrath.

  • xxAcesHighxx

    I’m really rather digging this! Definitely has a kinda Vanillaware vibe about it, too… which can never be a bad thing, am I right?