You won’t be getting any Nep-Nep this year, but there’s an apology in it for you if you try it when it launches.

Compile Heart has taken to delaying their upcoming free-to-play card game into 2017, citing an attempt to “improve the game’s quality” as their reasoning. Don’t fret though, as they’ve also taken to issuing an apology in the form of in-game goodies for those who play on release.

If you play within the first three months of the title’s release, you’ll get 60 fruit crystal gems, 3x four kinds of book items, 3x five kinds of gem items, five different elemental items, 50,000 GP, 5x four kinds of three-star strength materials, and 5x four kinds of four-star strength materials. That’s a hell of a haul!

Will you be joining in the Chaos of it all next year?

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