New information from Acquire has given us the outline of the third (of four) case scenarios from Akiba’s Beat, and I’m here to deliver the juicy details.

It starts in Akihabara, where reality has been warped by delusion; Sunday repeating in an endless loop. There, among the Delusionscapes, Asahi and company thrive – taking on the “Second-Year of Middle School Delusionscape” this time around.

A hooded young Kyouya Yuunagi stands in Asahi and the gang’s path, a large axe gripped in one of his hands. Asahi and the rest of the delusion fighters retreat from the unusual atmosphere in response, the sense being that Yuunagi was waiting for someone in particular.

In the Delusionscape, Asahi – who has come upon an unexpected turn of events – stops at the corner of a street corner to compose himself. He happens upon a bar owner named Akemi Extasia, who exudes an air of neutrality and charm towards Asahi.

Akemi tells him that she runs the members-only side-street bar the “Eden of Violet,” and that she’s in possession of information about various happenings – including the delusion-based mystery Asahi finds himself tangled in, and rumour downtown regarding the man in the pink cape.

This mysterious bar owner’s true intentions are unclear, but Akihabara is swirling with trouble and Asahi’s got to do something… should he trust the self-serving Akemi, or not?

Akiba’s Beat is currently undated for Vita in Japan, with the Western release targeting Q1 2017. If you missed them, catch outlines of the first two scenarios here and here.