Luc Bernard has been in touch to reveal exclusive details and media for turn-based strategy title Plague Road, including a look at the game running on the platform.

A game set around a disease-infested city, Plague Road tells the story of a lone Plague Doctor who returns to their once abandoned home to search for those who have survived. Players will take the Doctor character as their only permanent party fixture, and collect survivors that will return with you to your farm. Many of these survivors will have something unique to offer the player – either at the farm or on your journey – so make sure to place them where they’ll do the most good.

Getting further in the game will let you in on details as to how the city fell victim to the plague, why the Plague Doctor originally left, and what brought about this tale of regret and redemption, so you’ll have to make smart decisions to make it happen.

As for the gameplay, it seems that despite being styled with a lot of RPG elements they don’t want to call it an RPG as the progression system lies around the survivors – prompting you to always look for more powerful ones. Battle will occur without cutaway, the layout and visuals showing the same ‘3D world on a side-scrolling plane’ between battle and world exploration bits. As you delve further into the city however, the world becomes more twisted; the flesh creature and pile of bodies pictured below being fully indicative of the “life” found there.

Mix story with gameplay and you’ve got a title focused on getting you to the root of the plague, the journey along the way revealing the reasons why you’re there in the first place. You’ll go from a single Doctor with an empty farm, to a host of characters who each have a job – all contributing to that final goal. It’ll take a community to stand a chance against what you find at the centre of the city, so make sure you build yours well.

In addition to all that information we’ve also got an exclusive look at a bandit type character from early in the game, and a look at a mech that once patrolled the city – but now terrorizes it (as everyone’s a threat).

As well as a look at the game running on the PlayStation Vita, and the title’s debut trailer;

Now that all the introductions and goodies have been introduced, it’s time to get down to the bits I’m sure you’re all wondering about…

The PlayStation Vita version of the game is set to launch day one and is part of the base funding goal instead of one of those nasty stretch goals we love to hate. It’ll be running at thirty frames per second on the platform, and will be compatible with PlayStation TV right from the get go – offering the same graphics as the PlayStation 4 version of the game, in addition to being cross-buy (and possibly cross-save if it can be worked out).


As for the physical PlayStation Vita version of the game (included at the $40 tier), it’ll be limited run – and once the stock runs out I hear there will never be another print. Collectors unite!

Plague Road is currently in funding on Kickstarter by Arcade Distillery, the combat designer Luc Bernard already responsible for releasing Desert Ashes and Pocket God vs Desert Ashes for PlayStation Vita. Be sure to support Plague Road if it looks like something you’ll enjoy by funding the title on Kickstarter; it’s already ~60% funded at $18,000+ of its $30,000 goal, and there are still two weeks to go before the campaign ends.

…and remember; unlike other projects, this one is promised to have a day one PlayStation Vita version, it’s already running on the platform, and it’s coming by way of some Vita veterans – so you won’t have to wander down a literal plague road of waiting to get your hands on it. 😉