New information from Acquire has outlined the final case scenario from Akiba’s Beat, and we’ve got the details for those interested.

Case 4 begins with Moe Suzumori, the poster girl for Akibahara maid cafe “Maidears,” who is kidnapped by the man in the pink cape. Eyewitness accounts point Asahi and the gang all over town, and they follow up in search of the captor and the captive… but come up with nothing.

Akemi, the proprietor of the Extasia bar, appears before Asahi on one of his outings – informing him that the rumours of the man in the ink cape have spread across the city. In the wake of these rumours, are both delusions and Kanon (the Delusion Contractor). Following him may unravel the mystery of the man in the pink cape, and so they set off to do that, but realize something in the process; a number of people are letting Kanon contract their delusions.

In the end, the pursuit of these enigmatic figures and the truth behind their actions has led to a chance meeting with the Delusion Contractor. Is he the cause of all this, or will he only be the key to the bigger mystery?

That’s what you’re going to find out in Case 4.

Akiba’s Beat is currently undated for Vita in Japan, with the Western release targeting Q1 2017. If you missed them, catch outlines of the first three scenarios here, here, and here.