Kadokawa Games have taken to the official website to delay the Japanese release of their upcoming RPG.

According to the official God Wars website for Japan, it looks like God Wars: Future Past has been delayed from its February 23rd release date in the region – the page on the site noting that the delay is due to needing more time to improve the game.

Gematsu has translated the areas they want to improve, which are as follows;

  • An increase in battle tempo, response improvements, and adjustments to the resistance based on the difficulty
  • Improvements to the camera system and feel of the controls
  • Improvements where the interface is difficult to understand and difficult to use

God Wars: Future Past is now due out in Japan sometime in the Spring of 2017, with the Western date as-of-yet unmoved from Early 2017.

  • Lester Paredes

    Mmmmm…. yes. Bake that delicious turn based strategy to perfection. Take all the time you need.