The Japanese Sony Store has gone live with listings for black and white Danganronpa V3 themed PlayStation Vita slim models, offering you two colour choices with the same design.

Danganronpa fans in Japan (and importers with big wallets) rejoice! In honour of everyone’s favourite killing series we’re getting a sweet-looking Danganronpa V3 themed PlayStation Vita – stamped with all 16 students, Monokuma, and logos in both black and white versions. The design is the same on both models, though the base colour is obviously inverted depending on the version you choose.

Get a better look at the designs below;

In addition to the consoles, your purchase will also net you a Danganronpa V3 themed package and a theme voucher – again, pictured below;

Priced at 20,980 yen plus tax, these Danganronpa V3 Vitas are set to be available the same day as the full game releases in Japan – January 12th, 2017. That doesn’t mean you can’t pre-order now however, so hop to the Japanese Sony Store (or your favourite import retailer) to get your order in!

  • Lester Paredes

    Nice. I sure wish the Vita was half a popular in the west. Then we might actually see one or two of these special edition consoles.