According to a brand new update to their Kickstarter page, it looks like Plague Road will be getting a physical run through the good guys over at Limited Run Games.

We recently introduced you to Plague Road, a turn-based strategy game from Arcade Distillery and Vita veteran Luc Bernard – giving you a look at some exclusive bits they had provided for us. At the time, it was around $18,000 (60%) funded, but has now hit the $25,000 mark (80+%) and it’s closing in on its goal. What a great time to announce something cool, right?

Plague Road will be getting a limited physical run through Limited Run Games; the gold standard for Vita physicals bringing backers an exclusive cover, as well as the option to add more than one copy by adding $25 to your pledge. The additional copy is called “The Second Opinion” on the Kickstarter page, and is available to anyone who has backed at $40 and up (the entry tier for physicals).

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Well hop to their campaign page and adjust your pledge. They still need ~ $4500 to hit their initial funding goal, and you’ve got eight days to get your money in!

  • Lester Paredes

    Maybe… I don’t know… I haven’t liked Luc Benard’s other games… but his art style fits this gmae better than the others. Of course, that’s 100% subjective…