It looks like The Walking Dead is just plain ol’ dead on Vita.

While we had previously heard that PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360 wouldn’t be getting A New Frontier, we’ve now heard through the handheld grapevine that the newest season of The Walking Dead isn’t planned for PlayStation Vita either – the good people at Telltale Games apparently forgetting to mention that when they updated us on other platforms.

How do we know for sure? Well Heroes of Handheld (@Handheldpodcast) received an email response to an inquiry about the Vita version, and posted it on Twitter for their followers to see.

With no plans for a Vita version, my plans to play the new release have been flushed down the drain (especially since previous choices can’t be carried on, aside from through some awkward story generator). What about you?

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  • Noodleboy

    Crap it’s canned for vita and last gen but was released on mobile no problem

  • Victor Mirsky

    Personally, the “awkward story generator” is not a problem. but if it won’t a PS Vita version I’ll not spend any money on it.

  • Timberman

    Definitively waiting for either a pretty goshdarn good sale on ps4 version (at least 70%) or free on plus. Quite disappointed by this }:(

  • Lester Paredes

    Well, that sucks. I guess I’ll wait for a really good sale or to find it’s complete edition for PS4 used at a good price.

  • Linkx41

    That sucks…Raises some concerns about the other 3 TellTale games that were supposed to come to Vita as well.

    • I think it’s safe to say that if we’re not getting the third in a SERIES they’ve been bringing to Vita, that we won’t be getting the one-offs they’ve released so far (no other titles have 2nd seasons, let alone 3rd).

  • Reza Gerami

    It sucks balls and I won’t buy it for any other format. I won’t pirate it out of principle (that principle being that any game that’s sold DRM-free is off limits regardless) so I guess I just won’t know what happened to Clementine and the others.

    Telltale can go fuck themselves.

    I can however honestly say that after playing season 2 and the expansion that Season 1 is by far the best and I don’t expect later parts to be as good as the chemistry between Lee and Clementine.

  • Steve Jaworski

    This is just another lazy move by Telltale that tells me there is no such thing as a fan base in their book. We’re all just ‘consumers’ to them. It would have been nice to be looked after like other devs have shown with Vita ports. Not making another Telltale purchase ever again.

  • Loui Xav

    SOL! It was also a bit cheaper on the Vita compared to other consoles.