Luc Bernard has been in touch to reveal some more gameplay footage as the Kickstarter campaign comes to a close.

Successfully funded with $55,734 pledged and a $30,000 base goal, turn-based strategy game Plague Road is officially on its way to PlayStation Vita (and other platforms, I suppose) sometime next summer. In recognition of its funding success, we’ve been given another short bit of off-screen Vita footage to share with the community.

Check it out for yourself below;

Plague Road is headed to PlayStation Vita, with a projected release date of Summer 2017.

Check out our earlier look at the game here.

  • DCGX

    I sneaked in my backing with minutes to spare. The LRG Kickstarter exclusive cover is what pushed me to finally back. That and the $40 physical copy and relatively soon release date are both very fair for a Kickstarter. Looking forward to this!

    • Lester Paredes

      Same reason why I ended up backing it. Lol

  • Lester Paredes

    I ended up backing it, despite my initial reservations. LRG doing a physical release clinched it. Hope it’s good! Sounds very interesting.