Koei Tecmo and Omega Force announced Dynasty Warriors 9 during their “Greatest Games Lineup in History” broadcast. Koei Tecmo’s western branches announced the game alongside Japan. No platforms have been announced, but PS4 is a fairly safe assumption.

Masaki Furusawa and Akihiro Suzuki revealed a number of things to Famitsu, including that all 83 characters up until Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires will appear in the game. There will not be too many new characters, but one new playable addition to the cast will be Zhou Cang.

The game will feature “drastic system changes” and be set in an open world. Towns can freely be entered and exited, and the world map will have considerable differences in elevation.

The open world will reproduce “all of China”, with places where battles can take place being limited. Places like Hulao Pass and Zhongyuan will be created in detail.

They want to change input methods such as Square button for standard attack, butsomething like Musou Ranbu will remain. The nature of the open world is going to be different from Toukiden 2.

Zhao Cang, the newest character, will be comedic as well as fun and fast to use. He will actually be first playable in Musou Stars for PS Vita and PS4.

Here’s some game art:

Here’s some screens:

And here’s some trailers/gameplay videos:

Fingers crossed that it comes to Vita.

  • Lester Paredes

    I sure it comes to vita, too!