Bandai Namco has dropped a ton of new information and media in our laps for Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight, detailing the story and characters as well as revealing a trailer and the title’s first-print bonus.

First up we’ve got some bits to do with the story, which actually seem to be a primer to Millennium Twilight‘s plot. You can get in the right frame via the text below, translated for us by Gematsu.

Kirito, Asuna, and Yui spent their days in peace in the VRMMO “ALfheim Onine,” which is based on Norse mythology. But then, a sudden alarm went off.

“We will be carrying out urgent maintenance today starting now.”

After hearing the announcement, Yui, who appears different than normal, heads off somewhere.

Chasing her, Kirito and Asuna are attacked by a mysterious black machine life-form.

“Let’s go! My name is the Black King, Black Lotus!!”

Going beyond time, the accelerated worlds and virtual worlds collide—.

Ouu, sounds interesting!

We’ve also further confirmed that in Millennium Twilight the world of Brain Burst (Accel World) begins to overlap with the world of ALfheim Online (SAO). Mysterious buildings appear in the latter, and players will be able to maneuver through the new landscape via running or flying; taking on battles in parties of three in order to get closer to the truth behind the crossing of worlds.

The characters you’ll be able to use have already been somewhat detailed, but Bandai Namco has offered further information of them which we’ll run down below.

  • Kirito is a young boy who is a veteran of VR massively multiplayer online games, and is a top-class player with a unique skill that not many can stand up against. He’s referred to by some as “the Black Swordsman.”
  • Black Lotus is the Pure Color Black King, leading the Nega Nebulus. Her arms and legs are swords, and she is a close-range attack specialist – known as “the Absolute Cut (World End)” to some.
  • Asuna is Kirito’s significant other, and the sub-leader of Sword Art Online’s foremost guild. She’s known as “the Flash” due to her skills with a rapier, and is a powerful player with a kind side – much like Kirito.
  • Silver Crow is a boy who became a “Burst Linker” – embibed with exceptional reaction speed, and the sole member of the accelerated world which is able to fly. His avatar is a slim melee-type with a metal colour, and he’s often fixated upon by Kuroyukihime.
  • Lisbeth is a survivor of Sword Art Online, and was a blacksmith by trade in the game – once making a sword for Kirito. She’s a mood-driver who tends to have an uplifting effect on those around her, and is considered part of Kirito and the gang’s inner circle.
  • Lime Bell is Haruyuki’s childhood friend, and the healer of her group. She’s known as “the Watch Witch” as she possesses the power to reverse time, and her avatar is a bright-green defense type.
  • Silica is another Sword Art Online survivor, having been saved and taken in by Kirito and his group of friends. She battles using a dagger, proficient in quick attacks, and is accompanied everywhere by her familiar – a small dragon called Pina.
  • Scarlet Rain is the leader of the Red Legion “Prominence” and the current Red King. Known as “The Immobile Fortress” and “Bloody Storm,” she specializes in distanced attacks with firearms as her weapon of choice.

These characters are yours to pick from in your party of three, with the new trailer also confirming some additional characters. We now know we’ll be seeing Sinon (cv; Miyuki Sawashiro), Yuuki (cv; Aoi Yuuki), and Leafa (cv; Ayana Taketatsu) from Sword Art Online, alongside Ash Roller/Rin Kusakabe (cv; Kenichi Suzumura/Yuuka Nanri), Cyan Pile/Mayuzumi Takumu (cv; Shintaro Asanuma), and Sky Raker/Kurasaki Fuko (cv; Aya Endo) from Accel World. There are six silhouettes teased as well, meaning there are six more characters that will be revealed in the future.

Get a look via the second trailer installment below;

Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight is due to release March 16th, 2017 in Japan. First-print copies will also net you “Sachi ALfheim Online ver.” as a playable character, so be sure to grab it early if you Sachi’s your girl!