Gust has given us information on a new character, as well as media and details regarding the opening plot points, subordinate demons, and evolution, and even a new version of a previously revealed trailer.

You ready for the lowdown? This is a bit of a long one!

First up we get a look at new character Veruschka, who is voiced by Miyu Tomita. She’s a half-demon who was the subject of a laboratory experiment when she was young, saved by the head of the Lourdes Order where she was set to be abandoned. Lacking in emotion due to her past experiences, she suppresses her will in belief of the Lourdes Order she owes her life to.

The Order has Veruschka set her sights on Alushe – who she initially opposes, but is able to fight alongside her as Lily after a certain event.

Below (left), we get a look as Veruschka dual-wields daggers. On the right we see Veruschka’s active skills, which cut through hordes of enemies with swift, connected attacks. Her special skill can even be a one-shot kill.

Moving on from Veruschka we get a look at the Pope, who is the head of the Curia and the one who gives Alushe the mission of protecting Liliana (a Saint). The Curia protects the people from fiends, and Alushe works as an agent under their purview.

After escorting Liliana back to the Curia, Alushe learns that her charge is the “Bride of Time” – chosen to be offered as a sacrifice to the Queen of the Moon. Alushe is then charged with her escort.

Questioning whether or not she should step in and save Liliana, Alushe encounters her childhood friend Ruhenheid. Ruhenheid belongs to an opposing organization to the Curia called the Lourdes Order, and on behalf of them confronts Alushe – saying the Curia is not looking to help the people. A fiend attacks while they’re distracted, and Alushe dies as a result.

Awakening in a laboratory, Alushe was revived by Camilla using the blood of legendary demon Arnice, and as a result was imbibed with the power of the blood sword. She’ll be able to use this new power to fight fiends and search for Liliana – who has gone missing in her absence.

Reuniting with Ruhenheid at the hotel base Camilla points out, Alushe teams up with her – using their childhood bond to overcome obstacles and work together.

Now that we’ve got a handle on the story, let’s take a look at the Servans – subordinate demons that help you on your journey.

These subordinate demons fight alongside Alushe and are enhanced by using subordinate demon points. These points are awarded for completing the game’s various quests, and are then used to assign power to each parameter (ie; HP, attack strength) when leveling up.

The Striker subordinate demon Pitz is able to transform into a partisan, but in her normal state she specializes in “hit-and-away” attacks from mid-range.

The Striker subordinate demon Eir is able to transform into a great sword that delivers a whopping hit, but in her normal state she specializes in attacks with many parts – delivering great damage overall.

The Striker subordinate demon Alice is able to transform into a shield that can attack and defend simultaneously, but in her normal state she fights using a rabbit soldier summon.

The Striker subordinate demon Dure is able to transform into a lance that specializes in evasion and long-distance – going for endurance over all. When in the normal state, Dure is reliable in any situation and uses its attack speed and large build to deliver hard hits. Unfortunately it also has a narrow attack range in its normal state, so it needs to get in close to attack.

The last bit we have to show off (before the trailer) is the evolution of subordinate demons, which happens when each parameter reaches a certain value. The evolution boosts these values even further, and if all parameters hit their maximum you can reincarnate your subordinate and raise their maximum level.

Check out evolved forms for Nero, Fiyu, Shalf, Pitz, and Eir, and Alice below.

…and before you go, check out the new “Forbidden Lily Plus” trailer (an updated version of the Forbidden Lily trailer) and a full set of high-res screenshots;

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon is due for release in Japan sometime in February of 2017.