Koei Tecmo has revealed new character details, how the scenario system works, first-print and retailer bonuses, and tons of new media for Musou Stars. Got some time?

First up we’ve got a look at some of the Musou Stars characters – which include Darius, Hajime Arima, Opoona, Marie Rose, Honoka, Rio, and Zhou Cang. Let’s run them down with the new details and screens we’ve gathered below.

Darius (cv; Kenichi Suzumara) is a twenty four year old member of the Oni Clan. Hailing from deep within the forest of the imperial capital, Darius is adept at charming others with is exotic beauty and strength – but hides within himself a loneliness that not many get a glimpse of. He is a true leader and inherits a mask as proof of his ability, his foremost fighting technique being genjutsu.

When fighting, Darius employs a sword cane with grace and ease – just as he does in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de – and attacks in a way that makes him look like he’s dancing around his foes. The sword cane is no ordinary tool however, as he can also fire light bullets from its tip using his abilities with spirit power. That spirit power also allows him to fire light from his right hand, manipulate the attribute of wood, and create tornadoes that attack the enemy. It’s diverse stuff. 😉

Darius’ Hero Skill is called Power of the Heart. It aims at specific enemies and continuously strikes them with supercharged lightning from above – likely stunning your targets, as well as dealing immense damage.

When Horo’s in a pinch, Darius will support her – defending her, and following up with a wide counterattack. This is just one example of how cooperative relationships will work between characters in the game, but another is shown alongside it below. 😉

Hajime Arima (cv; Takuma Terashima) is the twenty-three year old commanding officer of the Imerial Army’s most elite squad within their Vengeful Spirit Subjugation Organization. Noble, with a soldier-like personality, he makes quick decisions and takes swift actions. He carries the weight of the priestess of the Dragon God on his shoulders, protecting her as the organization’s most outstanding warrior.

Hajime fights with a Japanese sword – just as he does in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de – and blows away enemies with slash attacks and overhead launch attacks. He wields the same wood attirbute as Darius, and is also able to create tornadoes. In addition, he’s also able to bask his sword in spiritual energy; imbibing it with the qualities of fire or other elements (planned). His Hero Skill is called Cooperation Technique, and fires a slash that scales up depending on the number of enemies in the area.

In regards to cooperative relationships, Hajime will support Millennia when she’s in a pinch – defending her from attacks, and launching an area attack to take out surrounding enemies thereafter. Millennia’s not the only one he’ll help though!

Opoona is a young boy from Planet Titia, where the greatest heroes of the universe – the Cosmo Guard – live. A descendant of the Guards, he was treated as their apprentice during his childhood – and on his first mission with his parents he crash lands on Planet Landroll. His adventures there made him a hero in his own right, and by meeting special conditions in the game you’ll be able to play as him.

Or you could grab yourself a first-print copy, which includes the rights to use him right from the get-go. Get a look at him in action (and judge for yourself if it’s worth it) below;

Marie Rose (cv; Mai Aizawa) is a cute girl with a mischievous smile. With the appearance of a servant, her background is shrouded in mystery – but we know for sure that she’s a Systema (military martial art) master, and a force to be reckoned with.

Honoka (cv; Ai Nonaka) is a girl who was raised by her loving grandmother, becoming a king and gentle soul. That said, she loves to watch fights – and when she gets excited a mysterious power burst from within her. Her ultimate skill however, is the power to instantly memorize any fighting move she sees… but shh, that’s a secret. 😉

Rio (cv; Mariko Inoue) is the star dealer at Hotel Howard Resort, referred to as the Goddess of Victory due to her abundance of luck and skill. Full of energy which she shares with those around her, Rio works hard towards her goal of becoming a top-class dealer like her mother.

Zhou Cang is the exceptionally swift-footed subordinate of the Yellow Turbans and Zhang Bao. Not only fast, but also super strong, his strength attributes to his active role as commander.

Check out these characters and more (or less, in a few cases 😉 ) via some additional screenshots and images below.

Looking good so far? Well that’s not all we have to share, as there’s also details regarding progression.

Being that the story plays out as a free scenario with multiple endings – the route you take sculpting the route and options ahead. The world map will appear to be dotted with various types of battle icons, some of which note key battles that advance the story. The scenarios you clear, the characters you make friends with, and the items you possess will sculpt the story… meaning that choices matter.

Some battles will require you to meet certain pre-existing conditions before you can take them on, and in the image below we get a look at a battle that needs Horo to activate. The player in the screenshot doesn’t have Horo, and therefore can’t play.

Other battles will disappear once you clear other battles, and in the image below we get a look at a key battle which resulted in the removal of another battle. The ending is no exception to this rule, and to experience all the ending you’ll near to play through story mode multiple times.

Then there’s the retailer specific “narikiri costumes” – where one character wears another character’s outfit.

These are the costumes you can get from retailers;

  • buying at Geo will net you “Ryu Hayubasa” Narikiri Costume for Sanada Yukimura
  • buying at Game Tsutaya or WonderGOO will net you an “Ouka” Narikiri Costume for Sophie
  • buying at Gamecity or Amazon Japan will net you a “Sanada Yukimura” Narikiri Costume for Hajime Arima
  • buying at Edion, 100-Man Bolt, Kojima, Joshin Denki, Sofmap, Nojima, Biccamera, Furuhon Ichiba, Yamada Denki, Yodobashi Camera, or Rakuten Books will net you a “Millennia” Narikiri Costume for Horo
  • buying at Loppi and HMV will get you a narikiri costume too, though it’s yet to be announced

First-print copies of Musou Stars will also include a “Kasumi” Narikiri Costume for Wang Yuanji, so be sure to grab it early if you want to get two narikiri costumes (one retailer, one Kasumi) with one purchase.

If you’re getting the treasure box edition however, we’ve got an early look at what you’ll be buying yourself – some images of what’s included (the game case, a soundtrack CD, a visual book, and a school calendar) alongside the steamy cloth poster below. Steamed over bits are for unannounced characters, so there’s more yet to be revealed. 😉

Lastly, before you go you should take a peek at character introduction trailers for…

Sophie (Atelier Sophie)

Wang Yuanji (Dynasty Warriors)

Ouka (Toukiden)

Kasumi (Dead or Alive)

Musou Stars is due out in Japan on March 2nd.

  • Lester Paredes

    I hope this one comes west for us vita owners. I’m looking forward to it!

  • Devin Lowe

    Things are looking up for this game. I can’t wait to see if it’s mentioned in the upcoming Nintendo Switch Direct on the 12th.