In a recent post-mortem of their title, Delve Interactive reveals that the Vita version has been officially canned.

Poncho was first announced for possible PlayStation Vita release back in September of 2014, with the title’s Kickstarter including a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version at the $30,000 funded mark. The project didn’t hit its goal, but Rising Star Games stepped in to make it happen – and we thought it was… for a while.

Now however, it seems that things have come to a rather unpleasant end; the title has been cancelled, and we’re back to life without the possibility of a Poncho.

Need the full details? Well here’s the entirety of the Vita-related text from their post;

“…we must say with a heavy heart that we’ve been forced to give up on the Vita port of the game. Things out of our control are stopping us from actually sending it to Playstation, and we have no choice but to cease development of it. Unfortunately, we can’t give any hard reasons for the cancellation without incurring some kind of legal penalty.

We hope we haven’t disappointed anyone too much with this news, but it is what it is. We’re truly unable to pursue it any further, and believe me, we’ve tried.”

With this short and non-specific explanation, Poncho is officially cancelled for PlayStation Vita. It would’ve been nice to have it, but it looks like it’s simply not in the cards at this point.

Bummer. 🙁

  • Reza Gerami

    The full article is worth the read although it’s nothing short of painful. Those devs really had a shitty experience…

  • Patrick Wilson Vetsch

    Hope mercenary Kings doesn’t follow suit