This week we see the release of three games on the cheaper side of things, giving you some options below $20. Your wallet will thank you, as next week looks a bit more expensive. 😉

PS; Canada now gets higher new release PSN prices due to the low dollar, so expect Canadian and US prices to be listed where it differs. Otherwise, assume the price applies to both regions.

New Releases;

Asdivine Hearts – $19.99CAD ($17.99CAD on PS+) | $14.99USD ($13.49USD on PS+)

Spheroids – $10.99CAD | $7.99USD

Xenoraid – $13.49CAD | $9.99USD

PSVita Sales;

  • Claire: Extended Cut – PS+; $7.99CAD | $5.99USD / Sale; $9.99CAD | $7.49USD / Regular; $19.99CAD | $14.99USD
  • Draw Slasher – PS+; $0.59 / Sale; $0.89 / Regular; $5.99
  • Natural Doctrine – Sale; $19.99 / Regular; $39.99

PS; January’s PlayStation Plus titles are now available, so be sure to grab them! If you’re looking for what else is coming this month however, you’ll have to check out the January release preview – the usual monthly post will be back for February. 😉

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  • Lester Paredes

    Nothing for me this week, thankfully.

  • Zero Eternity

    Asdivine Hearts looks interesting.