Nippon Ichi Software announced their newest title in the Weekly Famitsu. According to them, development is currently 90% complete.

Exile Election is a new adventure game for PS4 and PS Vita. Famitsu reported that the game takes place in a closed amusement park. In it, 12 characters must survive “Exile Elections”, where they vote among themselves to decide who lives and who dies. They will continue these elections until two remain in this twisted death game full of mystery and deception. This death game is hosted by a mechanical mascot doll named Alice. She calls herself “the administrator”.

Here are the characters:

  • Kaname Ichijou (voiced by Yoshitaka Yamaya) (protagonist)
  • Alice (voiced by Hiromi Igarashi)
  • Ichika Houshi (voiced by Yurika Endo)
  • Misa Ichijou (voiced by Marika Kono)
  • Miori Himeno (voiced by Nao Shiraki)
  • Yuuri Himeno (voiced by Natsumi Fujiwara)
  • Michimine Isuroza (voiced by Tomoki Inoue)
  • Hakushuu Isumi (voiced by Shun’ichi Toki)
  • Izuki Ayara (voiced by Taku Yashiro)
  • Aasha Tadenomiya (voied by Risae Matsuda)
  • Kaasha Tadenomiya (voiced by Satsumi Matsuda)
  • Shihori Yurizono (voiced by Ayaka Imamura)
  • Issei Ninchouji (voiced by Kengo Kawanishi)

And here are the staff working on the game:

  • Producer: Moto Sugunuma
  • Director: Akihiro Arahori
  • Character Designer: Namanie
  • Scenario: Maoto Nishikawa

Nippon Ichi Software also opened a teaser website following the initial announcement.

Exile Election is due out in Japan on April 27th. The game will be 6,980 yen for PS4 and 5,980 yen for PS Vita.

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  • moreover

    Surprisingly excited, hope they will localize it too after looking and the danganronpa sales.

    • crispyn64

      Death games are fun :3

      • Zero Eternity

        You deserve at least 20 upvotes for the funniest thing to say in a room full of people when taken out of context.

  • Talhab007

    Sounds amazing, another Danganronpa like game love this mystery type genre. Hoping for NISA to pick this up and localize it

    • crispyn64

      There’s just something so alluring about death games :3

  • Ky

    Please come west with PSTV compatibility…