Now that the perfect storm has subsided, it’s time to catch you all up ’til January 21st, 2017 – and then continue on as normal.

In the wake of a failed plan, a sickness, and the extremely busy first half of the month it’s been quite a while since a VITAlity has graced your screens… and I’m sorry. Being that I’m a bit of a completionist however, I didn’t want to leave the rather large gap untouched; and so we have the “Kyle Screwed Up Edition” of VITAlity.

In this edition, I’ll quickly run over the bits that have occurred between the last VITAlity and now – in very short form. You won’t get much other than the headlines here, but you know where to go to fill in the blanks don’t you? 😛

Check out VITAlity #25, coupled with some Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Venus gameplay below;

Now that we’re caught up, mark your calendars for next week – ’cause we’ll be back to the same bat time, and same bat channel as before. 😉

  • MrBBB

    Kyle, you screwed up man ;0P