A special edition of Akiba’s Beat – officially called the ‘NEET Edition’ – will be released exclusively through online retailer Rice Digital.

Seemingly an all-in-one package, the ‘NEET Edition’ will include the following:

  • Standard Edition of Akiba’s Beat for PS Vita or PS4
  • Exclusive high quality Akiba’s Beat bag
  • Official Akiba’s Beat Soundtrack
  • Akiba’s Beat art book
  • Pinkun plushie

Meanwhile, retailer GAME will be stocking an exclusive limited edition of Akiba’s Beat which will include a copy of the game, a special box and a high-quality art book.

Akiba’s Beat is due for release in Europe during the Spring of 2017, with a Japanese release slated for March 23rd, and the North American release still set for Q1 as of this writing.

Will you be picking it up?