Strength of the SWORD ULTIMATE will be submitted to Sony for certification in February – but only the PlayStation 4 version.

Developer Ivent Games announced via their Kickstarter blog that the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo WiiU versions of the game are behind and will not be launched alongside the other current-gen iterations. Planned features like Dark Mode, New Houses, and Dark Gods will also miss the initial launch of the game.

Ivent Games’ two-man team was surprisingly candid about the struggles of multiplatform development, detailing the process in their usual comic-style updates. Titled “Multiplatform development and why it makes me cry myself to sleep,” the comic is a great refresher for those that may continue to wonder why many Vita releases are released later than their console counterparts.

The Kickstarter for Strength of the SWORD ULTIMATE was originally launched in February of 2015, slated for a PC release. Ironically, the Vita and WiiU versions of the game were funded early at $30,000 and $40,000 respectively, while the PS4 and XBO versions were funded at the final stretch goal of $82,000. The self-professed brawler-fighting game has been in backer-driven testing through Steam throughout the development process.

Watch for more news on the subject soon.

  • Lester Paredes

    Yeah, vita games rarely come out at the same time as their console and pc counterparts. So long as it hasn’t been cancelled, they can take ask the time they need.