Aquaplus has released new information, screenshots, and even a gameplay trailer for Dungeon Travelers 2-2: The Maiden Who Fell into Darkness and the Book of Beginnings.

The official website for the Aquaplus title has been updated with details on the game’s systems, mercenary buddies, additional characters, and more – with accompanying screenshots and a brand new gameplay trailer to show it all off. While we definitely recommend reading the initial information offload of the game first, this is where we get a more expanded idea of what to expect.

Let’s start with the system bits, which include details of your in-game base, field exploration, monster battles, and what happens when you win.

First up there’s your base, which – in addition to its use in organization – allows you to buy/sell items, perform Sealbook purifications, and more. The base is home to all the important facilities, so make sure to use them to their full potential.

Then there’s field exploration, which is guide by an auto-mapping system. The further you go into a dungeon, the more difficult the traps and monsters will be to defeat – meaning you’ll have to keep track of how deep you are on the map if you want to succeed.

Speaking of field exploration and monsters, there will definitely be lots of occasions to battle. You’ll have to make good use of the skills and strengths your party members have to offer if you want to make it out of any battle intact.

Lastly, there’s the question of what happens when you win. In Dungeon Travelers 2-2 a win will net you experience points, money, and items – meaning the more you win, the more you get. It’s a simple concept, until you stack it with the idea that losing might mean that you lose something important to you.

Moving on, we’ve got a more thorough look at the mercenary buddy system – which allows you to a hire a party member that can help you during battle. As you progress through the game, mercenary buddies will become able to be contracted at the bar – their “Employment Fee,” “Number of Times to Participate in Battle,” “Status,” and “Possessed Skills” attributes differing between individual hires. Once hired however, they will automatically use their skills to attack the enemy and support you in battle (without user prompt). In this way, they’re unlike traditional party members which take direct commands.

New mercenary buddies (and stronger versions of available ones) will be able to be hired as you get further in the game and unlock them, with both humans and Therians able to be brought on for a fee. Which you choose to bring with you however is your prerogative, so pick wisely based on your current needs.

Opposed to mercenary buddies are characters in the game that can become party members or integral parts of the story, and we’ve got the rundown on a few more of those as well. We’ve got rendered art and details for new character Ruco, as well as returning characters Grisherina Efleanor, Irena Rosenmeier, Monica Macy, and Tsurara. Let’s take a look!


New character Ruco (cv; Mari Kawano) is a girl who always looks to the future in a positive way, and never stresses about the little things. She adores Siena like a husband would, and is always together with her for even the most mundane things. Ruco’s dedicated to making Siena’s goals come to fruition, but sometimes her intentions aren’t enough.

Then we’ve got returning character Grisherina Efleanor (cv; Yu Shimamura), who’s a strong adventurer with a polite side. She has a strong admiration for Vitoria – the first Queen of the Kingdom of Romulea – and was a running rival with Royal Library Chief Librarian Irena back when they were at military academy.

Used to taking on monsters by her lonesome, she volunteered to join Fred’s party as the sole knight once the country fell into its bad state. She then rescued Irena from the Demon God’s clutches after he stole her body for his own use, but lost the fight in the final battle – going missing soon after.

Another returning character is Irena Rosenmeier (cv; Madoka Yonezawa), the Chief Librarian at the Royal Library and a woman with strong moral fibre. She puts Fried to work – and though progress is good at first, she eventually falls prey to the Demon God who possesses her body. Fried and company save her, but when the final battle against an exorcised Demon God is lost so are they.

Or how about Monica Macy (cv; Eriko Nakamura), the former spy who infiltrated Fried and company’s Party in order to observe then for Melvy’s father. Monica was originally from a poor household, and works as a spy to take care of her fifteen (15!) younger siblings – putting all her effort into her duty. Unfortunately, she was too obvious and ended up being found out.

Monica is with Fried and company when they take on the Demon Lord, and is lost alongside them.

Lastly, there’s Tsurara (cv; Asami Shimoda). She’s a distinguished kunoichi (female ninja) of the Kouga Village in the Lachann Empire, and always makes sure to fulfill her duties without involving things like feelings. When she arrived in the Kingdom of Romulea with Yae, she was in pursuit of the Demon God – soon after aligning with Fried (who shared her resolve and goal). Like the others, Tsurara was part of the final battle with the Demon God; going missing once they lost.

Was that not enough information and media to satiate your curiosity? Well thankfully you can check out the title’s first trailer below – and it’s a long one, filled with gameplay!

Dungeon Travelers 2-2: The Maiden Who Fell into Darkness and the Book of Beginnings is due out in Japan on April 20th.

Are you ready to fall into another beginning? 😛

  • The Atom

    The re-used assets from a game that already relied on recolours for a decent amount of the variety is not promising, but understandable due to budget. By the time I finish the first one, I’ll have to see if I’ll want more.