Koei Tecmo has been kind enough to inform us further as to the title’s synthesis system and pre-order bonuses, tossing in some media for good measure.

In Atelier Firis, titular character Firis will be sure come up with new recipes for synthesis as she travels across the land, encounters interesting new people, and discovers new materials. As she’s a wanderer of sorts, Firis’ Atelier comes in the form of a pop up tent – which you can personalize with a variety of keepsakes collected from your adventures. It’s the perfect setup for a mobile alchemist, and you’ll be able to put it to good use.

The synthesis system in Atelier Firis features additions much like this pop-up tent in nature. It’s suited to the nomadic nature of the game, and will provide you with abilities like mass synthesis – which allows you to create large obstacles to help you overcome obstacles. Items can even by enhanced using special catalysts, which grant bonuses. Bridges, boats, or bigger bangs for your buck; there’s lots of options with synthesis!

Finally, the last bit of information regarding synthesis actually has to do with what you build… or don’t build. Changing the world will not only change the look and usability of the locations you encounter, but may also cause changes in the story which lead to a different outcome. Choice is important, and here it may shape the future as well as the present.

That’s enough reading though, as it’s time for a bit of a media montage;

Alright, so you’re interested now – all we need to do is get that pre-order taken care of. Well good news, as pre-orders are available now at various retailers.

That said, pre-ordering at Amazon, Best Buy, EB Games, or GameStop in North America, or pre-ordering at participating retailers in Europe will net you two costumes which provide useful bonus effects. The “Resort Vacation” costume will increase the character’s chances of finding high-quality materials, while the “Wonderland” costume will decrease the time it takes for both synthesis and fast-travel.

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey is now available in Japan – but launches March 7th in North America, and March 10th in Europe. Make sure to get your pre-order in at one of those participating retailers if you want those bonus-effect costumes, as the release date is fast approaching!