Koei Tecmo has released a bunch of new bits for its upcoming Musou Stars title, mostly focusing on character details.

First up on the character sharing roster is a rundown of Lu Bu, Ii Naotora, Oda Nobunaga, and Laegrinna – four characters that have made their way into Musou Stars from other series. We’ve got a bit of details on who they are, as well as some media for them, located below.

Lu Bu (cv; Tetsu Inada) is a military mastermind, and a skilled archer – pulled from Dynasty Warriors. He is looked up to even by his peers, and is a firm believer in the right of might – tending to ignore social graces.

Ii Naotora (cv; Yuka Saito) is the ruler of the Ii clan, and is in service of the Imagawa clan – pulled from Samurai Warriors. Hailing from Enshu, she’s the edest daughter of her name and has taken on a male name to solidify her claim in a “proper” heir’s absense. Though she’s concerned about her ability to rule, Naotora possesses exceptional compassion for her people – driving her to deliver peace to the land.

Oda Nobunyaga (cv; Shunsuke Takeuchi) is a Sengoku warlord and a Japanese-style cat, pulled from Samurai Cats with nary a meow. Born to Ode Nobumiide – the lord of Furuwatari Castle – he’s rough around the edges, but compassionate inside. He fights to establish a military rule over a disorderly Japan, bringing a proper peace the only way he knows how.

Laegrinna (cv; Yuka Saito) is known as the Devil’s daughter, and is said to be born of a part of his soul. She hails from Deception, and has stepping into the mortal realm amongst three Daemons in order to collect the Holy Verses she needs to release dear dad. Unfettered by pity or emotion, she summons and sets traps to take out anyone who gets in her way.

Additionally, there are some images of the setting and the other characters that have been revealed, which you’ll find in the gallery below.

…and then there are the brand new trailers – which include the title’s second official preview, as well as character focused bits covering Rio, Nobyunaga, Ishida, and Setsuna. Check them out below!

Trailer #2;

Rio (from Super Black Jack);

Oda Nobunyaga (from Samurai Cats);

Mitsunari Ishida (from Samurai Warriors);

Setsuna (Original);

Musou Stars is due out in Japan on March 2nd. Will you be seeing stars this March? 😛