While New Zealand may not be feeling the Double Peace love after the title was recently banned from sale in the region, it looks like everywhere else is.

If you’re anything like me you at least had some fun with the Inti Creates developed Gal*Gun: Double Peace, and it seems like many of you are – as the developer has announced sales of over 100,000 units across all platforms worldwide! In the process, they also revealed that all this wouldn’t have been possible without this tweet from the Inti Creates Twitter account in August of 2015. The response was what localization director and producer Matt Papa needed to push the project for release in regions outside Japan, and what allowed it to grow so big, so fast (PS; that’s what she said).

Bringing it back full circle however, it seems that Japan is now getting a re-release of the game with bilingual English and Japanese text language options. It’ll be 3,800 yen at retail, and 3,000 yen via digital download – with costumes “Sexy Bunny,” “Barely Police,” “Waking Dress Shirts,” and “Cheerleader” now available from the beginning of the game.

Save data from Gal*Gun: Double Peace is even set to be cross-compatible with the Bilingual branded version via the share data option on the game’s menu; meaning even those who already had a copy (or want another of a different sort) can integrate easily.

Gal Gun: Double Peace Bilingual is due out February 23rd in Japan, will you be celebrating 100k with another buy? 😛