Kadokawa Games has released information regarding the Japanese pre-order bonuses for God Wars, topping it with the title’s third official trailer.

First up we’ve got details on Future Past‘s Japanese pre-order bonus content – which comes in the form of two additional scenarios. You’ll be able to tackle “Hyuga’s Future” and “A New Enemy” once you add them to your game via a voucher code (DLC), their details covered below.

Scenario #1 is called Hyuga’s Future, and features Urashima and Momotaro as its main characters. The story follows Urashima as he’s attacked on his way back home to Hyuga, Momotaro’s party starting a battle of honorable men.

  • Urashima (cv; Tetsuya Kakihara) is a mysterious young man with a complex, leading the life of a cynic instead of showing his honest and kind-hearted nature.

  • Momotaro (cv; Kaito Ishikawa) is the eldest son of Amaterasu, the Queen of Hyuga. Talented, but excelling in both the literary and military arts, he gets plenty of attention from the people of the land – his spirited nature, and strategic mind making for an heir apparent worth looking up to. His ideal nation is centralized, and he’ll do whatever he can to work towards that end.

As for scenario #2 – also known as A New Enemy – it follows Kintaro’s party as they respond to a report about the theft of the jade of Koshi, running into a blonde-haired gang and a large white tiger. Post battle, you’ll even be treated to an episode about Kintaro.

  • Kintaro (cv; Tasuku Hatanaka) is a young man who hails from a village at the foot of Mount Fuji. Known for his unnatural strength, he’s Kaguya’s childhood friend – looking to fulfill a promise to her now that she’s been confined within the bamboo seal.

  • There’s also a guy named Issun (cv; Jun Fukuyama) in this scenario. He’s a quiet young man that likes to travel, and has been all over countries where the eight million gods exist. Knowledgeable but quiet, you might have to interpret some hand signals to get a clear answer out of this one.

Is God Wars looking good to you so far? Well then check out the brand new trailer;

God Wars: Future Past is due out in North America on March 28th, Europe on March 31st, and Japan sometime this April.