It looks like the puzzle platformer is headed for the real world as Limited Run Games steps in to up your physical collection by yet another title.

“Simple in its premise yet deadly in its execution,” The Swapper is a must have – netting a 4.6/5 score and a “no-brainer” buy recommendation from Charlie in his review. Now however, it’s coming our in physical form thanks to a partnership between Curve and Limited Run Games… and you can get it this Friday.

Originally released in early August 2014 as a digital only title on PlayStation Vita, The Swapper will be available physically via Limited Run Games’ online store on Friday February 3rd. It’ll be up for purchase at 10am Eastern, and 6pm Eastern, with only 3,300 copies available between the two waves of releases.

Will you be swapping for a physical copy? It’ll only cost you $24.99 (plus shipping). 😉

PS; You might notice the fine print on their webstore, it notes that the game isn’t PlayStation TV compatible. This seems to be a running thing with Limited Run Games released titles, so you might want to watch out for that in the future.

  • DCGX

    LRG has stated that if the downloadable version isn’t Playstation TV compatible, their physically release won’t be either. Apparently it’s quite a bit of work on the dev side to get them to run on PSTV, so unless the dev’s choose to go through the work it isn’t happening.