Bandai Namco has showered us with new details and media for Accel World vs Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight – covering the base, characters, abilities, and online multiplayer aspects of the game.

First up we’ve got details on your base; “The Floating City of Ryne.” It’s a town where the Accelerated and Virtual worlds intersect, the world of Brain Burst and the world of Sword Art Online crossing over here. There’s a shopping area where you can get weapons and tools, a cafeteria where you can chat and spend time with friends, a fountain plaza where you can spend your off-time or meet up with others, and a mysterious facility in the sky. Of all the places in the world, this one will probably where you spend the most time – so you’ll want to get to know it as best you can.

Speaking of things you’ll want to know, it’s important to know the characters involved and what they can do. In that vein, let’s run down some information about each of the mains (including some art).

First up is “Aqua Current” Himi Akira (cv; Kana Ueda), who is also known as “Pure Water Achromatic (Aquamatic).” She’s Nega Nebulus’ premiere member, and a neutral girl in charge of information gathering and analysis. She wields a duel avatar made of circulating water, its actual form and colour unknown. Creepy!

Then there’s the Ardor Maiden, Shinomiya Utai (cv; Yumi Hara); a middle school student who is actually one of Brain Burst’s most senior players. Invoking a personality which centres around judgment and composure, she wields a crescent-shaped enhanced armament called “Flame Caller” which is perfect for long-distance strikes. Too bad she looks just as creepy as Aqua Current’s aquatic avatar…

Or perhaps you like Argo (cv; Shiori Izawa), an information broker in Sword Art Online who is also known as “Argo the Rat.” She’s a member of the Cait Sith Race in ALfheiim Online, and her weapons of choice are daggers. Cute, right?

Have you met Ash Roller (cv; Kenichi Suzumura)? He’s Silver Crow’s first battle opponent and a friendly rival in game, but in real life “he” is actually Rin Kusakabe (cv; Yuuka Nanri) – a shy girl. Tricked you. 😛

How about Cyan Pile (cv; Shintaro Asanuma); he’s a childhood friend of Haruyuki (Silver Crow), and a member of Nega Nebulus. He uses a blue, close-quarters-type avatar with a “Pile Driver” Enhanced Armament for long-distance attacks. Too bad he looks like he needs a heart. 😉

Leafa‘s there too, as Kirito’s younger sister Suguha Kirigaya (cv; Ayana Taketatsu) has been playing ALfheim Online since not long after its inception. She’s more than proficient at sword techniques, her nimble nature aiding her by increasing the ease of use of her one-handed sword. Seems like the perfect kind of girl to take home to mom, am I right?

Moving on, there’s Metatron (cv; Yukana) – a God Class Enemy. She’s a member of the Nega Nebulus thanks to Kuroyukihime, and the last boss of the “Contrary Cathedral” as one of the “Four Saints.” Titles and praises out the wazoo for this little lady.

Philia (cv; Yui Ishikawa) first appeared in Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – stuck in the Hollow Area. A Spriggan in the game, she’s a self-labeled treasure hunter, and a dagger-wielder. You don’t want to mess with this one, no matter how cute she is.

There’s also Sinon (cv; Miyuki Sawashiro), a bow-wielding girl with an independent mind and a mature nature. She joined in on the Sword Art Online death game after it had already begun, and participates in ALfheim Online as a member of the Cait Sith race. Isn’t she adorable?

Or what about Legion Submaster of Nega Nebulus and Kuroyukihime’s good friend, Sky Raker – or Kurasaki Fuuko (cv; Aya Endo) as she’s known in the real world. She uses a blue duel avatar, and fights using palm strikes, kicks, and her “Osmotic Strike Technique” ability. Dangerously angelic.

Penultimately, there’s Strea (cv; Sachika Misawa) – who first appeared on the 76th floor of Aincrad in Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment. She’s an AI character, but joined Kirito after he saved her life; bringing a cheerful attitude to the group. She’s a Gnome in ALO, and uses a great sword as her weapon of choice. Phe-Gnome-inal, right?

Finally, there’s Yuuki (cv; Aoi Yuuki). She’s known as the “Absolute Sword,” and has superhuman reaction speed in-game due to her life circumstances. She’s a member of the Imp race here, and fights with a one-handed sword. Shwing!

Now that we’ve met some more of the characters, let’s delve into the difference between them. Characters from Accel World fight using acceleration and speed abilities, while characters from Sword Art Online fight using flight, swords, and even magic. The differences are tangible, but each character also has unique abilities within their realm of possibilities.

Here are some Accel World character abilities, for example;

Ash Roller can ride her motorbike-type enhanced armament, unleashing charge attacks on her enemies.

Cyan Pile can use his Pile Bunker enhanced armament to attack enemies from long discances.

Additionally, Accel World characters can accelerate at a moment’s notice – closing the gap in an instant, or unleashing quick attacks when up close. They can also use a high jump ability to launch themselves straight into the air, getting them face-to-face with flying enemies. Finally, Burst Linkers have a duel avatar with enhanced armaments and special abilities, so it’s important to figure out what they are and master their use.

There are also Sword Art Online abilities outlined – including the ability to take flight, the use of magic by fairies, and the option to change weapons. Characters from the Sword Art Online universe don’t have a strong special trait like those of Accel World, but they are much more versatile in regards to battle methods.

As for the online portion of the game, it comes in two main portions; player-versus-player, and group adventure with up to 16(!) players. The PvP bits will offer a one-on-one fight with acceleration and flight being the keys to winning, which will net you a reward. As for the group adventure bit, you can team up in town and during stages – collecting items, gaining experience, and overcoming hardships with your friends.

Finally, we’ve got a look at the full set of high-resolution screenshots, the title’s opening cinematic, some gameplay from the Taipei Game Show, and the third official Japanese trailer. Check them out below!


Opening Cinematic (features “S×W -Soul World-” by Kotoko and Luna Haruna);

Twilight Taipei Game Show 2017 Gameplay Footage;

Third Japanese Trailer;

Accel World vs Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight is due out in Japan on March 16th.

Will you be picking it up?