Koei Tecmo has announced a delay for Musou Stars, knocking it a few weeks back from its previous March 2nd release date.

That’s right folks, it looks like Musou Stars is moving from a March 2nd to a March 30th release date, with Koei Tecmo citing quality improvements for the delay. Producer Masaki Furusawa noted that regarding their concept of “a hero battle starring everyone” they’re going to need more time, as they want to deliver a game that fits as an “all-star title.”

It seems that aside from the delay however, things are moving along as usual – with Arnice and Christophorus from Nights of Azure, Ayane from Ninja Gaiden, and Tokitsugu from Toukiden 2 confirmed to be playable in the game. More characters is always a good thing!

Musou Stars is now due out March 30th in Japan.

Are you still in?

  • Lester Paredes

    Nice! I am so looking forward to this game. A delay for quality purposes is okay in my book.

  • DRI2000

    I love what I’ve seen about this game. I’m really waiting for them to announce it for western.
    It’s one of my key games this year, in fact.