Eastasiasoft has updated the official website for Rainbow Skies with some new details of the crafting system as well as some gorgeous new screenshots. The crafting system will allow you to upgrade your weapons and equipment by merging them with materials received from defeating monsters in battle.

There will be hundreds of different material types that can be found in the game which will be suitable to craft with. Materials can be used to increase various attributes like Strength, Defense, Speed, Luck, HP or MP. Some materials will also be able to bestow unique features when used in crafting. Each weapon or equipment has a number of slots and each slot can hold one material. You won’t be able to reverse crafting so sometimes it will be good to wait until you have better materials before crafting!

Crafting is free to do and is a great way to power up your weapons and armour. It’ll be well worth experimenting with the crafting system as some materials that initially appear unsuitable for crafting may actually contain hidden skills or conditions. Some of which may even be quite rare and powerful!

Not only can you improve your weapons and equipment through the crafting system but they can also gain experience points (XP) and level up. Depending on the equipment it can gain experience in a number of ways such as by dealing damage, taking damage, using items or executing skills. Increasing the level of the weapon or equipment will mean that new crafting slots can be activated. Higher quality weapons and equipment have the potential of gaining more crafting slots compared to basic equipment.

You’ll also be able to use powerful crafting crystals which can be used to upgrade your equipment into a special +1 version, which will improve its stats. Some equipment will even be able to be upgraded up to 9 times. This will definitely make your equipment more powerful as each attribute will gain a +10% boost at each upgrade (or at least +1 point in value). Some of the lower level crafting crystals will be quite easy to come by, whereas others will be quite rare.

Do you like the look of the crafting system? Are you looking forward to playing around with it? Hopefully we won’t have too much longer to wait to try it as Rainbow Skies is due out at some point this year! Keep checking back to The Vita Lounge for all the latest Rainbow Skies updates!