It looks like Limited Run Games and Curve Digital will be swindling you out of a few bucks very soon – in a good way.

Dan Marshall’s stealthy action game The Swindle is already available in digital version all across the western world, however it seems that some people are fixated in having a copy that they can touch and feel. In that spirit Limited Run Games and Curve Digital have partnered up for a physical copy that you’ll have to be quick to get – though the details of when you can get are it still up in the air.

Here’s pretty much all we know so far, via Limited Run Games’ announcement tweet;

The Swindle was reviewed by previous TVL writer Brad Gruetzmacher alongside its original release, and he noted that “The Swindle is a challenging, frustrating, and fantastic game that constantly had me on the edge of my seat. It may have a steep learning curve but the payoff is worth it. If you’re looking for a challenge (and aren’t afraid to curse a little), look no further. The Swindle steals the show.” Being that he also gave it a 4/5, we’d say it’s worth looking into at the least. 😉

The Swindle is coming physically via Limited Run Games “soon,” will you be buying in?