New Interpretation Stranger of Sword City has been announced for localization, coming to North America as Stranger of Sword City Revisited thanks to developer/publisher Experience.

An enhanced version of Stranger of Sword City – titled Stranger of Sword City Revisited for its English release – is now officially on its way West from Experience. It’s set to bring a very similar story to the original, but with new additions; things like classes, combat, gameplay systems, and items getting an upgrade. Plus, there will be a new dungeon to enjoy – so it’s not just about the way you carve your path, it’s about new bits to experience too. 😉

Check out the debut Western art;

Okay, but what if you’re out of the loop and have no idea about the original? Well, here’s an introduction to the story for the uninitiated (via Experience);

From the present day, to the parallel world. Survive in the land of polar night! The airplane you were travelling on vanished mysteriously, without a trace. You awaken to an unfamiliar starry night sky. It is the Sword City Escario, where shining butterflies dance… Before you lies a land of strange creatures, fearsome monsters, and countless mysterious labyrinths. You are the Chosen One: The Stranger of Sword City.

Has it caught your attention yet?

Officially rocking 100,000 sold across the series worldwide, Jenny gave it a 4.3/5 in her review back when she played the original, noting that “Stranger of Sword City is great fun but be warned that it is tough. However even if you die you’ll soon come back to it, you can’t help but think that maybe with a slightly different party or different weapons you’ll get slightly further next time. Just try not to get too upset if your favourite Ninja meets a sticky end…” If this one’s even better, then there’s even more reason to pick it up!

Stranger of Sword City Revisited is due out February 28th in North America, priced at $29.99US.

Will you be visiting (or revisiting) the stranger side of things?

  • DMSpider

    Sounds good to me, considering it was originally announced we’d never get it. 🙂