Mauro Fanelli from MixedBag Games has taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce an official release date for their February-bound metroidvania title.

The first game that MixedBag started working on, Forma.8 is a passion project of theirs; taking much longer to develop than originally intended due to its dream game status among them. They wanted to deliver “the best game possible,” and now that delivery is almost here.

While we had previously heard that the game was coming our way in February, it looks like you’ll actually be able to pick it up on February 23rd – cross-buy fully supported in its launch iteration. You’ll finally be able to explore the surface of the alien planet you crash on, and look to recover the lost energy source before it’s too late!

You in?

Forma.8 is due out in the West on February 23rd, with a Limited Run Games physical edition headed our way at a later date.

Are you excited?