Nippon Ichi Software has released some details, screenshots, and trailers showing off their deadly new game.

First up, let’s set the scene properly shall we?

Exile Election is set in the safe zone of “Aliceland,” an amusement park free of the outside world. That last bit is important in this context because the outside world is devastated in every way possible; monsters wander outside the park, and they will most certainly attack if you’re somewhere they can reach.

Inside the park is relatively safe however, though you may come to think of it more like a prison than a sanctuary. That’s because everyone in Aliceland must participate in the “Exile Election” – a death game hosted by the park’s namesake automaton, “Alice.”

Coming to in the entrance to the park, Kaname Ichijou finds himself standing in a rather unique scene. He watches as a monster devours some of those in the park and takes off, leaving just twelve survivors.

Alice is heard, explaining that those present were all that’s left of humanity – but there are too many of them. There will only be two in the end, and the number will decrease until that goal is met. Everyone will choose, so who will survive?

The newly revealed introduction text reads…

I remembered.

They killed my little sister… they killed Misa.

Because I was hurt. Because I was about to die.

There can be any number of reasons for it.

But I can’t forgive them.

It’s unacceptable.

I will kill them all.

Well, it seems that one person who won’t survive is Kaname’s sister Misa – as she’s chosen in the first election. The horror of it all changes him, and he’s out for revenge on the nine people who made it happen.

Playing as the wronged, you’ll have to trick your enemies, use their weakness to fall them, and make underhanded deals you don’t mean to keep with those you need in the moment. You’ll have to use all the tools in your repertoire to get revenge for your sister, and you can do it any any order you want.

Take on the nine who’ve killed your blood, and get their blood by starting with whoever YOU hate most. You’re free to carve your own path of revenge, so choose carefully in order to get them all!

Moving on from the story bits, there is more to be lain out – but it’s mostly focused on the characters. We’ve got introductory details and art for Kaname, Misa, Ichika, Noori, Miori, Yuuri, Michimune, Hakushuu, sisters Aasha & Kaasha, Izuki, Issei, Shihori and the automaton Alice below. Dig in!

Kaname Ichijou (cv: Yoshitaka Yamaya) is a logical and mild-mannered 17 year old high school student, and the protagonist of this game. He’s Misa Ichijou’s older brother, and the childhood friend of Ichika Houshi, but his most interesting quality is that he has synesthesia – seeing sound as colour. Lies appear red to him, and he’s using that to his advantage with regards to getting revenge.

Misa Ichijou (cv: Marika Kono) is a 13 year old middle school student, and Kaname’s younger sister. he’s a cheerful and energetic in nature, often manipulating the mood of her older brother and Ichika. She’s an avid stuffed animal collector, having a collection from her older brother as one of her most prized possessions.
Chosen in the first “Exile Election,” she was killed by monsters.

Ichika Houshi (cv: Yurika Endo) is a 17 year old high school student, and Kaname Ichijou’s childhood friend. She trusts Kaname explicitly, and works together with him to fulfill their goal.

Noori (cv: Akira Saito) is an innocent young amnesiac, who doesn’t understand human language. Immature and pure, she’s taken care of by Kaname and Ichika.

Miori Himeno (cv: Nao Shiraki) is a 15 year old middle school student, and Yuuri’s older sister. Gentle and kind, she’s not interested in participating in the election – and is the centre of her trio.

Yuuri Himeno (cv: Natsumi Fujiwara) is a 14 year old middle school student, Miori’s younger brother, and Michimune’s best friend. He’s very self-aware, and definitely shows as the smart one of his group.

Michimune Isurugi (cv: Tomoki Inoue) is a 14 year old middle school student, and Yuuri’s best friend. He’s got a strong desire to come to Yuuri and Miori’s aide due to his physical strength and chivalrous personality, but he seems to be of little use overall.

Hakushuu Isumi (cv: Shun’ichi Toki) is a 20 year old college student, and the neighbour to the Tadenomiya sisters (who he admires extensively). Chronically ill, he always carries a portable pill case with his medication.

Then there are the Tadenomiya sistersAasha (cv: Risae Matsuda) and Kaasha (cv: Satsumi Matsuda). They’re a pair of highly intelligent 13 year old middle school students who talk in an old-fashioned way, and they show no interest towards the other groups. They do however fall in line under Hakushuu, though they love to tease him when they get a chance.

Izuki Ayara (cv: Taku Yashiro) is a 20 year old unemployed “outlaw” with a chip on his shoulder regarding others. Isolated, but indifferent about it, he stands alone in the park.

Issei Ninchouji (cv: Kengo Kawanishi) is a 25 year old chef, working for a restaurant. Friendly but aged compared to his group, he often takes cooperative action against others.

Shihori Yurizono (cv: Ayaka Imamura) is a 21 year old college student who is always alone. She has no attachment to living, and shows no desire to be around other people or participate in the election. Oddly enough, Shihori often carries around her glasses, but rarely puts them on.

Alice (cv: Hiromi Igarashi, designed by Takehito Harada) is a creepy automaton that calls itself the administrator of humanity and puts the trapped through the Exile Election. It enjoys the election process, but its true goal is unknown.

Whew! That’s a lot of introductions. That’s not all we have to offer in this update however, as we’ve got a look at some more screenshots, an opening movie, and trailers for Alice and Hakushuu Isumi. Check them out below!


Opening Movie (Theme Song: “Melody and Flower” by Yurika Endo)

Alice Trailer

Hakushuu Isumi Trailer

Exile Election is due out in Japan on April 27th, will you be voting?