WayForward has released new information regarding Shantae – both concerning the future of the title, as well as the things you’ll get for being a part of its past.

WayForward has been listening. They’ve been snooping around social media and digging through support emails in order to compile a list of things that need fixing. They’ve got something coming that should hopefully fix many of your issues – including PlayStation TV compatibility. It’s patch version 1.01 and it’s coming as soon as possible, ready to make Shantae: Half-Genie Hero whole once more!

In addition to making the game better for everyone however, there are a lot of non-update based things on the way. This upcoming content includes DLC and physical rewards, and we’ve got the skinny in the to-the-point list below.

  • The first of the things to look out for is the Tinkerbat DLC, which is now complete and in testing. It should be the title’s first DLC release and they’ll have an ETA on when you can get it as soon as they’ve submitted patch 1.01.
  • Secondly, there are DLC modes on the way. Risky Boots, Sky, Bolo, Rottytops, Beach, Ninja, and Officer Modes are currently being worked on – with Risky Boots Mode likely to come first. That’s what they’re focusing on currently, anyways.
  • Then; Blue Shantae, Classic Risky, and Sword are headed to the game as a single download code, set to arrive sometime after the Risky Boots DLC drops (as she needs to be complete before she can be recoloured). This is being lumped together to make code distribution easier.
  • Finally, work has begun on physical rewards for backers – with the promised t-shirts, collector’s coin, music CDs, Lenticular Poster, and art book either in the design phase or the production phase. WayForward is prioritizing quality over quickness here, as they’ve done all along with the game.

All these things are currently in the works, with some of them much closer to being a reality than others, and some of them obviously geared towards backer rewards. That said, this seems like quite an upcoming lineup of events… so it should be worth the wait.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is available right now in North America and Europe, with the update, DLC, and backer rewards to follow at a later date.

  • Nathan Kinney

    surprised they’re bothering with a PS tv update, but its not unwelcome. Very pleased with this game.

  • Talhab007

    I agree Nathan it’s an one of the few amazing kickstarted games, I’ve never played Shante before but this one got me hooked love the 2.5D gameplay when at moments it really looks 2D