Horror fans are in for a treat, as we’re about to be graced with the release of Uncanny Valley on PlayStation Vita.

Taking inspiration from Lone Survivor, the 2D, story-driven horror game will apparently require multiple play-throughs to discover all of its secrets; you won’t find an option for multiple saves here. Instead, the player will be faced with varied obstacles requiring a bit of thought.

Encounter¬†a locked door and you can either ram it with a cart, hack it down with an axe, or find an alternative route through a vent – though destroying the door might alert someone near-by, and that vent might be a trap. Choices will affect the story and player progression, so you’ll have to make them wisely or face the consequences.

Get a closer look at the game via the screenshots and launch trailer below;

The Uncanny Valley experience will be cross-buy on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4, with PlayStation Plus subscribers netting themselves 15% off when it launches. Look for it February 7th in North America, and February 8th in Europe.

Will you be picking it up?

  • Lester Paredes

    Maybe. It’s gotten… not so good reviews. But, those are based on the steam version, and I don’t know if they made any updates to address initial concerns from those reviews. You know how these sites are so butied in new games, they rarely ever get to go back and update reviews.