We have some brand new details to share with you for upcoming RPG, Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusions, including details of the battle system and some new characters. As well as all that we also have some more gorgeous screenshots and artwork to show off.

The game’s story is set at Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School during summertime and tells an interwoven tale about the lives of 15 students.

Hinako has returned to school after suffering an accident which has left her with a long lasting foot injury. It’s the first time she’s returned to school since the accident. As Hinako missed the school entrance ceremony she doesn’t know many of the other students.

Sanae Nishida knows Hinako as they went to middle school together, she knows all about Hinako’s injury and how she’s now unable to dance. Sanae is friendly towards Hinako but Hinako feels that there is something a little bit off about Sanae…

After noticing the suspicious aura around Sanae, Hinako suddenly finds herself standing in an unknown world. A monster appears and Hinako begins to panic. The voices of two girls speak out and say:

“It will be all right. You can fight.”

The girls tell her that if she puts her heart into the ring that has appeared on her finger then her body will be wrapped in light and she will mysteriously transform. After transforming into a “Reflector” she has the power to fight the monsters and can also now freely move her foot.

After the monsters surrounding her are vanquished Hinako returns to the school corridor where she was originally standing. The strange aura that was surrounded Sanae disappeared, and she went off as if nothing had happened…

Have you been curious about how the battle system in the game will work? Well thankfully we now have some new information!

Reflectors use the energy of emotion, called Ether, to fight. When it’s your turn in battle you can build up your Ether by selecting the “Ether Charge” command. This will cause the percentage at the bottom left of the screen to rise.

You use the accumulated Ether to perform actions such as healing your allies’ HP and MP and using Guard to reduce the enemy’s attack. Ether will be consumed for as long as you continue to input certain commands. The more Ether you consume, the more effective the action will be.

In battle if you meet certain conditions your Guard action will change to “Reflect”. If a Reflect is successful then the power of Ether will be used to expand a barrier around you, and reflect the attacks of the monsters. It can also be used to deal a great amount damage.

Ether can also be used to activate an “Overdrive” attack, which is an ability that lets you consecutively use skills in a single turn. The more skills you use, the more Ether you’ll need. Using a long chain of skills has the added benefit of increasing their power. If you max out the chain then you might be able to activate a powerful three-Reflector cooperation technique.

Throughout the game there will be various opportunities to see Hinako in various different states. For example on rainy days if walking around outside Hinako’s uniform will get wet and become somewhat see-through.

When returning home after school a “relaxing” scene may unfold at Hinako’s house. There are a variety of different types of relaxing scenes including her relaxing in her room or the bath. Sometimes these scenes will cause Hinako’s abilities to increase.

And finally we have four new characters to introduce you to!

Mao Ninagawa (voiced by Yumi Uchiyama) is an actress who has achieved quite a good level of success. She’s a sociable girl who is always focused on people.

Ako Ichinose (voiced by Yumiri Hanamori) loves money and dreams of making lots of profit when she’s older, she also wants to be a journalist.

Rin Sanada (voiced by Haruka Itou) is a member of the Tennis Club. She is an indecisive person but sometimes becomes completely fixated with one side of a situation.

Kei Narimiya (voiced by Sora Tokui) is an ‘older sister’ type of person, she’s very reliable but can also at times be quite meddlesome in other people’s lives.

Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusions is due out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan on March 30. Before you go be sure to check out the gallery below!

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