Koei Tecmo have now added more details to the official site for Musou Stars for the new characters confirmed for the game.

We have details on 4 new characters, Tokisugu (Toukiden 2), Ayane (Ninja Gaiden), Arnice (Nights of Azure) and finally Christophorus (Nights of Azure). You can check out some more details and trailers for each of the characters below.


A machina with the soul of a person inside. Despite the cute appearance he is a brave warrior and incredibly skilled with a rifle.


A young ninja and ally of Ryu Hayabusa, raised an outsider she trusts few people and keeps others guessing her next move.


A holy knight with the power to defeat fiends, being half demon she possesses many abilities and fights with a sword made of blood. While appearing calm and collected she hides a fierce passion within.


A pure-blood demon, wielding her conductors baton she destroys those around her. She appears before Arnice often to give advice but her true motives are unknown.

As well as the new look at each of the characters we also get some juicy new details on the games various systems. First up is the Hero Card system, each hero can be equipped with just one card at a time, when equipped with a card the hero’s abilities will increase. During the game you’ll also gain the ability to synthesise Hero Cards with materials granting other varying effects.

Each hero will also come with a friendship level with various stages of friendship. You’ll be able to increase the friendship level during battle or between fights via dialogue choices or in the sanctuary.

There are 5 stages each with its own benefits, acquainted, associated, friendly, trustworthy and beloved. By befriending the other characters you’ll gain access to friendship abilities, no word yet on what exactly these abilities will be, but they will take effect automatically during battle.

In between battles there are various facilities that the players will have access to similar to many other Warriors titles, using these facilities will help develop your heroes in some way or simply flesh out the story.

The first of the facilities is the Headquarters, here you’ll talk to the royalty from the other world such as Tamaki, Setsuna or Shiki, these discussions are mostly to supplement the story.

The Training Grounds are, you guessed it, where you can train your heroes. You spend money to increase the level of a hero up to the highest level you have achieved with a character. All in all a handy way to level up the stragglers of the group without grinding.

Next up is the Lodge home to various downtime activities from a game cabinet to massage chairs. This is where you’ll find the heroes between battles and you’ll also have access to the Bath. Similar to the Pool of Purity found in the Toukiden games, heroes will come here to heal fatigue and you’ll be able to initiate various conversations here with the characters that will vary based on the friendship level and who is present.

Finally we have the Bar, another locale where heroes will gather between battles. Similar to the Lodge you’ll find heroes enjoying their downtime and you’ll be able to start up conversations that will reveal more about the characters you talk to.

So there you have it, an introduction to the newly confirmed characters and the various facilities of Musou Stars. what do you think of the characters so far? Any early favourites? Let us know in the comments below.

Musou Stars is set to release on PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on 30th March. No word yet on a western release. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more news as we get it.

  • Lester Paredes

    I wanna play as Rachel, the blonde badass with an axe from Ninja Gaiden. Still, Millennia and the little robot dude look really cool.